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Versatility is key and we have you covered!

Recording Studio
  • Pro Tools

  • TASCAM DM-3200 Console

  • WA-47jr Condenser mics

  • AKG mics

  • Audio Technica Mics

  • East/West Sounds Library

  • MOTU 8PRE es


Demo and Full projects



Hourly & Package rates available

CD Duplication Packages available

Sheet Music Edits
Music Arranging
  • You're a Writer and need your music put on paper

  • You're a Worship Leader and need Praise Team parts created

  • You're a Music Director and need parts written for your musicians




Lead Sheets // Vocal Charts // Horn Charts 

Strings Parts // Number Charts // More

Customized to fit your individual program needs

Making Music
Music Publishing


Let us administer the copyrights and make sure you are able to collect all of the royalties that you are due. We can also have your music uploaded and distributed worldwide using Tunecore. Your music will then be available all across the world on dozens of popular online retail outlets such as iTunes, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc


Image by Artur Tumasjan


From start to finish, custom album projects are my specialty!

We'll work together to bring out your personal best! 


I can take your song selection and create fresh new arrangements complete with Rhythm charts, Background vocals, Instrumental parts, etc. 

Already have your music arranged? I can use what you have and create exciting Background vocal charts that will make your CD stand out! Great BGV's are what makes your project sparkle!




  • Praise Band 

  • Praise Teams

  • Choirs

  • Audio

  • Media


Refocusing // Bringing out Excellence // Rehearsal Technique // Service Etiquette // Finesse in delivery

Session lengths are customized to fit your needs

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